Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where Did Room 20 Kayak And Yacht?

This is where room 20 went on our yachting trip.
The black shows were we went on the kayak.
The red shows were we went on the optimist yacht.
I had so much fun on our trip

Go Animate Reflection "Yachting"

Yachting Reflection by Courtzzz on GoAnimate

This is my Go Animate about my reflection on Yachting and Kayaking.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cartouch & Egyptian God

Room 20 has been learning about Egypt, most of us have created two pieces of art. Mine is of a Cartouch that is a name plate or a death plate. It is meant to have a name in hieroglyphics then a rope around the outside to keep away the bad spirits. The Egyptians believed that if you didn't have your name written down somewhere you would disappear and not go to the afterlife.
My other piece of art is a Egyptian God "Thoth" he is the god of wisdom and writing. He has two bodies one in the shape of an Ibis and the other is a Baboon. I decided to draw him as a Ibis.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Camp Chant

DSCF0857 from Stephen ford on Vimeo.

At camp we had a master chef day, where we had to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Also after dinner we had a camp chant competition which was when our teams performed our chant with some dance moves. My camp group is called Firey Phoenix, Here is my teams chant.

Rata Tree Art

At Camp the parents and the teachers took us on a short walk to a Rata Tree.

What A Rata Tree Is:
A Rata Tree starts off as a seed blown into a trees branches. Then over time the Rata trees roots start heading down towards the ground, then planting their roots and they strangle the tree that gave the Rata Tree life. Soon the first tree starts to die and the Rata Tree grows bigger and bigger.

The Rata Tree We Saw:
The Rata Tree we saw was thought to be around 800-1,000 years old and the first tree that died was a Rimu Tree. We got to stand in this enormous tree and take a photo. We also learnt about the Widow Makers. They are called that for a reason, in the olden days men used to cut down the trees and when they did it shook the tree and the Widow Makes fell down and killed the men leaving their wife's Widows.

Room 20 also did some art, here is mine.
I used water colors to paint this and I also used a sharpie to go around the outline.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The War: Day 4

Day: 4
Goodbye, me and the outlaw should get going. I told the others. We will be back soon. I hope. We took two horse and we set off. I took a bag full of supplies. Just in case we had to stop and of course we had to, it was getting late. “You can’t travel at night” said Tatham. “It is too dangerous.” “We will have to set up camp somewhere.” This would be the second night in a row I don’t get to sleep. I had to watch Tatham. It was raining the next morning, not a good sign. We put big sheets on the horses, Baybz was our golden coloured horse and Chilly was our black horse, both mares.

Once again setting off. I heard something ahead. I told Tatham. “Get off the road she said quietly. We tiptoed into the bushes. Tatham took the horses further away. I stayed to see who was coming. A white carriage with beautiful music going passed by. I made the signal noise. Tatham came quickly, I was surprised that she came, she could have gotten away. The carriage was moving slowly, so it wasn't hard catching up to it. We followed the carriage even though it was going the wrong way to the kingdom.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The War: Day 3

“Why would they send an outlaw?". “Because they tied me up to a pole like you are doing now and told me that if I didn’t give you the message than they would hunt me down and kill me," “and we don’t want that to happen do we". “Anyway  if I didn’t give you the message you would never know the secret". “What secret?" said Maddy rolling her eyes. “The secret about Courtney," “but that is all I can say for now".
Boom boom. "What was that?, That was them I said". "Get prepared" laughed Tatham. "We need help we are not ready". "There is only one person that can help us" Lily said. "Who?" The diamond kingdom". "How do we get there?" "Well whenever me and Maddy go we just go to the trading post and they send it there". "So we don’t know where to go," added Maddy. "I do" Tatham whispered. "Where?" "You’ll have to take me". "Why can’t you just tell us?"
"Because I want to go there too, but I don’t want to go alone". "Fine we will go you others try to hold them off until we get back".